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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my home worth?

We will take the time to review your property, take into account several factors such as condition and location. From there we will make an offer that helps you get cash for your home.

How long does it take to sell home?

Can be as quick as days! Depending on how quick you need to sell or if you have a target date, we will work with you with a time frame that makes sense.

How does Lyonzden make money?

We take properties we have purchased, perform a rehab project that increases the value of the property and find a new homeowner.

Will you buy my home "as is"?

Yes! That's often the scenario, as our clients want to sell as quick as possible without having to worry about any repairs or additional work on their end. 

I am an investor, am I guaranteed a return?

Yes! Being in the business for several years, we ensure all contract agreements are met, including a return for those who have invested in us. Even if a project does not hit goal, investors will see a return.

I love your rehabs, can I hire Lyonzden as a consultant?

Yes! Not sure how to navigate a rehab effort, need a general contractor (GC) or additional input on your vision? We offer consulting services to answer your questions as well as manage the rehab effort.

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