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Past Endeavors


Whittier Makeover

Embrace timeless elegance in our beautifully flipped house, nestled in the heart of historic Whittier, CA. Where history meets modern living! Whittier is a charming city located in Southern California that offers a wonderful blend of suburban tranquility and urban accessibility.


There are livable homes and then there are desirable homes. This was a home that had owners who decided it was time to move on. Although it was fine for them, we knew it could be so much more and bring joy to its next family. We were able to bring new life to this home by updating the kitchen, adding an island, freeing up space, and adding an inviting gate to welcome all who come.

There really is something behind finding the diamond in the rough. This was an opportunity to take a property that had been neglected and give it a chance to show its true potential. We were able to bring this property to life by expanding the master and bringing the inside to a modern feel.


Can this really be turned into something beautiful and livable? Yes! That is exactly what we did with Arlington. This was an opportunity to take a property that had not seen any love for years and transform it into space that a new family could call home. We were able to cast a vision of what Arlington could be and within 70 days we were able to bring some modern life into some old bones.

We came into this project with a generous budget and a strict timeline. The property was a great buy but needed some love. Working with a General Contractor we were able to do a conversion from a two bedroom one bath, to a three bedroom two bath. We also modernized some of the outdated appliances, yard and overall atmosphere of the home.

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